Window Repurposing, turn your old windows into something fun!

When the time comes to replace your home’s windows, it is an exciting time.  New designs and bigger, brighter spaces.  It is all good, but suddenly you have a new dilemma you may not have considered. What to do with the old windows?

Well, the obvious solution is to simply have the contractor haul them away, but what if there were other options…some fun options?  Here you go!

Use the old window frame as a message board for kids or household activities.  To make this happen simply repaint the frame in a complementary color to match your home’s existing color scheme.

If you are fortunate enough to have old windows with small panes there are a variety of fun ways to create a useable and aesthetically pleasing message board to fit any household decor.

Attach a square of corkboard to fit one or more glass panes; backed with a layer of cardboard to hold push pins.  The material may be easily glued onto the glass to hold important, light weight papers and special photos.

Paint a pane of glass with specially manufacturer black board paint found at local home improvement stores.  Use it to jot down grocery wish lists or daily chores for the kids!

Tea cup hooks or other, larger decorative hooks may be added underneath to hold baskets, car keys, or use a piece of twine to tie a piece of chalk for the black board.

Other panes may be filled with padded fabric and ribbon trim for note cards and photos.  Paste family photos or paint a stained glass motif with small brushes and paint.  Even leave a square open for a little variety within the decor.

Or use old window frames, either with glass imbedded or remove for a frame only effect.  Fill the space with scrapbook pieces,  paint, or stretch fabric across for an interesting headboard or wall piece.  Materials may be swapped out to even match seasons or holiday themes.

Wire mesh or decorative fabric may be stretched across glassless frames and used for pretty jewelry hangers.  Hang items with tea cup or other small hooks, interesting looking cabinetry knobs, or even old button or empty thread spools; preferably wooden ones.  Or ribbons or wire stretched vertically to hold bracelets or scarves.

Happy window repurposing!

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