Winter Windows Replacement

North Texas winter weather is all over the map.  One day it is sunny and 60s and the next it is dreary, wet, and 45 degrees outside. Those drafty old windows we have been able to ignore all summer are starting to become troublesome with weather extremes like that.  Whatever are we to do?

Many of us would assume that during these crazy, winter days all home projects must be confined to interior room rehabs and home decor projects.  We are here to inform you that it is not the case.


Now is the best time to have those old, drafty windows replaced with new, vinyl, energy efficient windows.  Believe it or not, replacing those old windows can be done quickly and easily without a great amount of “outdoor exposure time” or big open holes in your walls requiring a plastic covering.  Also, January through April is when most window manufacturers raise their prices annually.

Realistically, new vinyl windows are custom made to fit exactly into your existing window space, so all that happens is the old is cleanly removed and the new window installed within a very short period of time.

Additionally, window sealing materials such as foam insulation, sealant and adhesives aren’t cold weather compromised like one might assume.  Our installation experts will be sure to use the products that are best suited for high performance during whatever seasonal temperatures are at play.

New, vinyl windows for your home will make the remaining winter months cozy and inviting for friends and family.  Give our window experts a call today for your free in-home consultation.  And remember, it is never the wrong season to take care of your old window woes when the need arises.

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