High-Performance Windows Are like High-Performance Appliances Too!

When we think about high-performance appliances, we usually picture energy efficient refrigerators or washing machines. However, high-performance windows are like high-performance appliances too! 

EnergyStar®, the authority on energy-efficient products, includes not only refrigerators and air conditioners but also windows on their “Most Efficient List.” This is not a coincidence. Just like appliances, high-performance windows can significantly impact your home’s comfort and energy savings. 

Imagine your windows as appliances. In hot climates, they function like air conditioners, maintaining a cool interior by blocking excess heat and harmful UV rays. In colder regions, they act as heaters, insulating your home to retain warmth and keep out the cold. This reduces the need for constant heating, leading to energy and cost savings. 

These high-performance windows are designed to last. They have advanced low-e coatings on the glass and use frame materials like vinyl to enhance insulation and reduce heat transfer, resulting in a more energy-efficient home. 

Designer Door & Window in Carrollton, Texas, specializes in selling and installing high-performance energy-efficient windows, including Anlin windows. Anlin windows offer a variety of energy-efficient glass options, including for sound reduction and security. Constructed from vinyl, they are less thermal conductive than aluminum or other window frame materials. 

So, the next time you’re shopping for appliances, don’t overlook your windows. They might just be the unexpected heroes of energy efficiency in your home. 

Designer Door & Window is an Authorized Anlin Dealer in Texas, offering top-quality replacement vinyl windows, such as Anlin windows. Contact us at (972) 424-0031 for a free quote or stop by and visit our showroom and speak with one of our window and door experts.


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