Winter Window Replacement

Winter has hit hard this week across the nation.  Are you ready?  Is your pocketbook?  While winter does come with its own unique delights; can we say hot cocoa by a cozy fire?  Then there are the few, and far between fun North Texas winter days that may include sledding down local hills on our recycling container lids as make-shift sleds, and don’t forget the “school is closed today!!” fun hooky days for the whole family.  But keeping your family warm in the wintertime can be a costly endeavor.

One of the biggest sources of heat loss in the winter, unfortunately, are the same things that enable us to view the beautiful snowscape outside; our windows!  Before we get lost in the holiday madness, quickly do an honest assessment of the current condition of your windows.


1)     Old or damaged windows will allow for significant heat loss as well as drafts sneaking through, making us miserable as well as misdirecting our discretionary funds to utility bills instead of holiday presents.

2)     Identify all the undesirable air leak openings throughout your home such as ventilation and utility seals, cable, water, and electrical ports, exterior outlets and lighting fixtures.  These leaks may easily be remedied by sealing with caulk or foam spray at a low cost and little real time necessary to complete the process.

3)     Doorways should have a durable weather stripping seal.  High traffic doorways are especially vulnerable to extreme wear that may go unnoticed for far too long, allowing a tremendous amount of heat loss and drafty conditions.

Designer Doors and Windows resident experts can quickly help you put together a door or window replacement plan to stop heat loss now.  We have a multitude of new window and door options; one for every home style possible.  We would love to help prepare your home for the holidays!  Give us a call today.

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