What to Look for When Buying New Windows

What do you need to look for when shopping for new windows? There are many aspects that should be considered when searching for the best windows for your window replacement. Read on to learn what the top 5 elements are to find the right windows for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The key when choosing the best windows for your home is choosing the products that are as energy efficient as possible. Installing energy-efficient windows can help you save on heating and cooling costs and provide year-round comfort. Below are the top four measurements to consider when comparing replacement windows.

  • U-Factor – Is the amount of heat that transfers through the window. The lower the number, the greater the insulation capability of the window spending less on heating costs.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – Is the amount of solar radiation that transfers through the window. Lower numbers equate to higher energy efficiency, spending less on cooling costs.
  • Visible Light Transmittance – Measures how well the window or door allows natural light in. For this measurement you will want to look for higher numbers, the larger the number means more natural light that is let in. Homeowners can turn off their lights and let nature light their home, spending less money on electric bills.
  • Air Leakage – Difference in pressure can cause air to travel through small gaps between the sash and frame. Air can travel into and out of the windows, which will cause a room to exchange the inside air with the outside air. The lower the value the better the performance of the window.

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Look for windows that are durable. When replacing your windows, you don’t want to make that large investment only to find that a couple of years later your windows are deteriorating and you are consistently having to call to have them serviced. Choosing the right material for your climate and right window manufacturer is an important factor to ensure durability.

Depending on your climate, different window materials are better for your home and for durability. For instance, if you live in a rainy humid climate wood windows will more than likely not last, since they are subject to rotting and corrosion.


Another item to look for when choosing a replacement window is how much maintenance you will want to perform on your windows once they are installed. You may be too busy to worry about window maintenance or you may decide all the extra work is worth the look of your windows. Choosing the window material based on the upkeep is something to consider.

Vinyl windows are the easiest to maintain compared to other window materials. With very little effort, you can keep your window and door frames clean and operating smoothly. In most cases, a heavy rain is sufficient to clean these products or doing an occasional cleaning with just mild dish soap and water. Once a year lubricating the track. There is no other maintenance to do.

Wood windows on the other hand, get scratched and scuffed and expand and contract depending on the weather needing them to have constant maintenance. Being repainted and resealed.

Fiberglass windows are less maintenance than wood, more related to maintenance that is needed for vinyl. However, fiberglass windows are susceptible to paint scratches and are known to fade from the sun. They will need to be repainted to keep them looking new.

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Not only do you want energy efficient windows, but you want a window that will provide easy operation and provide added curb appeal. A window with an overall great design. Look for easy-clean features, quality hardware that will allow for easy operation. Also, look for windows that match the style of your home. Is your home modern, traditional, colonial, craftsman? Take this into consideration when determining the style and window options. Vinyl offers a modern style, while also being able to provide a traditional wood like appearance, with a Brickmould Frame.

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Like any other large product purchase, you want a product that is backed by a good warranty. Many window companies offer a limited lifetime warranty. Anlin offers a True double Lifetime warranty with accidental glass breakage. There is no cost for parts, labor, or glass replacement. As you may know accidents happen and you want to be covered.

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