Ideas To Brighten Replacement Window Holiday Décor

Your home’s replacement windows make a considerable impression on neighbors and visitors. What better way to celebrate this new addition to your home than to adorn it with an attractive winter holiday theme.  The professionals at Designer Door & Window encourage you to create a window Christmas display that will truly impress everyone.

Endless possibilities to brighten your windows

The holidays are one of those precious times of the year when you can brighten up your home with festive decorations and colorful lights. The possibilities of holiday window decorating are endless, from setting up the tree nearby to hanging Christmas lights to highlight your replacement windows.

Window decorations for the holidays have their origins more than 1,000 years ago in Northern Europe. The ancient Northern Europeans as well as the Romans would decorate their temples with trees to celebrate Saturnalia (the festival of Saturn) in December.

Light up each of your windows

Sometimes, putting lights all over your home’s exterior – which can take hours or even days to complete – seems like overkill. You may want to consider a much simpler approach by concentrating on individual windows by creating festive Christmas light designs on each different frame. Trimming each window looks best with rectangular styles, such as a casement or horizontal slider window. You can turn any window into a delightful Christmas scene with the right lights. And, you may choose to use just one color such as white or blue, or utilize multi-colored bulbs.

Garland smartly trims your windows

If you are looking for a different look than holiday lights, then use a few strands of garland to add a handsome touch of decor. One of the easiest means of decorating with this material is to hang a piece around your front front-facing windows. It’s very easy to obtain different-colored garland (from natural green to shiny gold) at most craft and home stores. If you enjoy making crafts, consider adding a personal touch with customized decorative additions such as holiday ornaments and red ribbon.

If your home boasts replacement bay windows, you may want to highlight them with some lovely greenery for the holidays. You may also highlight your beautiful bay windows with luscious branches of holiday garland. Needless to say, garland is the quintessential decorative touch for any home this holiday season.

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