Order New Doors & Windows Prior to Feb. 2016 Materials Price Increase


While you’re basking in the glow of the mid-winter holiday season, be sure to take a few minutes to examine your home’s doors and windows.

Due to an anticipated increase in material costs, this may be the best time to contact (972) 424-0031, E-mail steve@designerdw.com or visit the Plano, Texas Designer Door and Window showroom to ensure that the look and security of your home remain attractive and safe, respectively.

“This is a good time to order new doors and windows for installation early in 2016, because prices will be going up in February (2016) by anywhere between six and 10%,” said Steve Barron, Owner of Designer Door and Window in Plano, Texas. “Our suppliers have been holding off (on an increase) for a long time.”

According to Mr. Barron, his company’s suppliers have been able to hold off on passing on cost increases every year for the past few years. “They’ve been able to take costs out of production, as well as automating production,” said Mr. Barron. “Now, since they don’t have too many places to cut, we are seeing raw price increases, and it really is the natural order of things. Those cost increases will begin in February and continue until the beginning of May.”

Mr. Barron said that homeowners whose front doors and windows face south or west and are exposed to the sun for more than an hour each day would do well to choose Provia fiberglass products when visiting the Designer Doors & Windows showroom. “If the home faces north or has a proper overhang that protects against the sun’s exposure, a good wood, fiberglass, iron or steel product is a solid option.”

According to Mr. Barron, the winter weather in north Texas enables the Designer Doors & Windows installers to do their jobs on schedule, and with minimal delays. “The cold weather can slow down the installation process by 20-30% since our guys are bundled up,” said Mr. Barron. “But that doesn’t affect the cost to the homeowner, since it’s up to us to make the job right.”

“If it snows, the installation will go on as scheduled,” Mr. Barron added. “But ice can set us back just a bit because the roads are dangerous to travel and the jobsite can produce hazardous conditions. Quite honestly, we’re spoiled with the (mild) temperatures we enjoy here in north Texas. And sealants and calking can be applied at zero degrees which really isn’t an issue here.

Designer Door & Window invites you to visit their beautiful showroom located at the northwest corner of West Parker and Custer Road (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. You can also visit their website (www.designerdw.com) to request a consultation or a quote, contact them via phone (972 424-0031), or connect with them via E-mail (steve@designerdw.com or debby@designerdw.com).

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