Designer Door & Window Offers Compelling Holiday Window Decorating Ideas

The winter holidays that encompass Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase the windows of your home as you celebrate this festive season.

Designer Door and Window is pleased to share several decorating ideas with you in the hope that you will add even more beauty and luster to your residence.

Sparkle Adds A Shimmering Touch

To create brilliant sparkle, you can hang glass ornaments in front of your windows to add shimmering light throughout the room. String an ornament onto a length of ribbon, and attach the end of the ribbon into the wall or ceiling with a small nail or thumbtack.  

Décor with a Rustic Look and Feel

You can achieve nature-inspired décor to complement the natural textures of your window treatments by using simple decorations inspired by Mother Earth. Simply tie a pinecone with ribbon and hang it from your window frame. You can also place a potted pine on a table with small gift boxes wrapped in neutral paper and a ribbon of holiday color. Finally, you can accent your windows with nature-oriented items such as twigs and branches.

Evergreens Will Add Welcome Fragrance

Think about using evergreen garlands to add a bright touch of greenery to your views, and to add that classic holiday look. Try to find  fragrant evergreen boughs in your backyard, or visit your nearest Christmas tree farm. You can easily assemble greenery into small bundles and secure them with garden wire. Then, add bows, beads or holiday lights to give your garland a festive look.

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