Designer Door & Window Replacement Wood Doors Add Warmth & Enhance Your Home’s Appeal

A large contingent of professionals that include realtors, investors, remodelers, and designers agree that a home’s front door is the window to its soul. Your front door can significantly affect drive up appeal as well as set a warm, welcoming tone for visitors and family members.

Increase Value

A brand new exterior door can also increase your home’s value as well as save you money on energy costs. In fact, there are numerous positive effects that a new wood door will have on your residence.

Large Variety

Designer Door and Window offers a large variety of wood doors with glass options that are impressive in both construction as well as appearance. Each solid wood door is customized to the designer or homeowner’s specifications, assembled in our quality controlled workshop, and then hand stained to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

Customizable Features

Our team of talented employees can customize of your front door, or you may choose to customize your own new entryway. We are always available to help you choose each feature, from the type of wood, glass style (Low-E, etc.) decorative glass designs (textured, beveled, etc.), hardware and wood stain colors.

Several Configurations

We can also design many different configurations to make the most of your entrance. You may want a single or double door, or perhaps add a sidelight to provide the illusion of a larger entry that will also add more light to your foyer.

Come Visit

Designer Door & Window invites you to visit their showroom at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. The company’s trade professionals will help you realize your artistic vision, and provide a large selection of styles to help achieve the unique look that you desire. We also welcome your ideas and concepts.


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