Anlin Window Screens | Anti-Microbial

Allergy season and April showers are here. Is your home ready? Protect your home against allergies with Anlin window screens. Let in fresh air while keeping pollen, bacteria, and dirt out with Anlin window screens.

What makes Anlin window screens Anti-microbial?

Anlin window screens are manufactured with Microban® technology to prevent microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing on the screen.

Anlin screens bring clearer views

Anlin screens allow a much clearer view than standard screens, providing 20% more optical clarity for a sharp, more brilliant outward view.

Designer Doors and WindowsBetter Airflow

Open your windows, without worrying if bugs will fly in. Anlin screens provide 20% better air flow, allowing light and fresh breezes to flow through.

Anlin Screens with Watershed Technology

Have you ever noticed that during a rain storm the water builds up on regular screens? Anlin screens have a Watershed Technology that repels water and resists dirt and grime. When it rains the water beads up and rolls off the screen, making your view clear, so you can watch the rain.

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