Video DVD’s from Designer Door & Window Build Customers’ Confidence in Company’s Installers

Whenever a customer visiting the Designer Door & the Window showroom in Plano, Texas asks about the installation process of designer doors and/or windows, they are invited to watch a “film.”

No, they aren’t treated to one of the filmdom’s finest. Instead, they may select their choice of two video presentations on DVD – one for doors and the other for windows. In some cases, they take in a double feature.


Installers are the stars

Each production stars the company’s team of installers, reflecting how punctual and precise his team of Designer Door and Window professionally-trained installers are when they start and finish each job at a homeowner’s residence.

Establishing clients’ expectations

Needless to say, the company’s installers share top billing in the videos. Each video DVD helps to establish the client’s expectations. The presentations also set the bar for competing companies regarding how well the company treats their home buyer clients before, during and after the installation process.

“No Surprises”

The decision to produce the video DVD’s was to ease customers’ fears and build their confidence in the process. In essence, it fulfills the  Designer Door & Window best practice of  culture, “No Surprises.”

Education, training part of customer care

Each video DVD highlights how well the installers complete an installation in 12 steps. The company strongly believes in education and training as part of their customer care. The videos support the importance of educating the end users about their products’ installation and usage. In addition, when homebuyers view the DVD’s, they are able to visualize the end products in their residences.

Designer Door and Window invite you to watch their new video DVD’s at their website, and visit their beautiful showroom located at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. You can also visit their website to request a consultation or a quote, call them via telephone (972 424-0031), or connect with them via E-mail ( or

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