Let Spring “Sing” With Replacement Window Decor Ideas from Designer Door & Window

Spring can “sing” at your home when you use your touch of creativity and imagination to highlight your new replacement windows from Designer Door & Window. As the weather turns warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, here are some springtime window decorating ideas that will enhance your home’s beauty.


Use seasonal flora and bright, fresh colors

Visions of fresh light and compellingly bright colors highlight the excitement and newness of Spring. You can create designs resplendent with eye-catching flowers and plants, green grass, blue skies and the warm sun that will appeal to the senses. Seasonal decorations can be used to invite these attractions into your home.


Welcome in Spring with light curtains

Another great way to welcome lighter and airiness into your home is to decorate your windows with light curtains. A compelling curtain design can also create an elegant and airy look while enabling you to enjoy seeing the new foliage and flowers. Be certain that your curtains match the interior styling of your wallpaper, paint color(s) and furnishings.  In addition, the lightweight fabric invites more natural light into the home to create a pleasant, healthy feeling and mood.


Create more privacy with a patterned cornice

If it’s added privacy you’re seeking, then use a patterned cornice that will also add color to the room. This also adds considerable style to white space while blocking sight lines from the home’s exterior.


Roman shades combine functionality with a pleasant pattern

Roman shades can give you the combination of functionality with an eye-pleasing pattern. You can also coordinate your window treatments with your bedding by using a sheet and converting it into a shade.


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