How much do new Windows Cost on New Construction?


The quality of the window is going to be a large factor of the pricing and not all windows are created equal. Brands like Marvin, Anderson and Simonton are very reasonably priced windows and made from high quality material. The material will also make a difference in pricing.


A lot of windows are installed improperly and usually these companies are ok with charging little or nothing for installation. These companies just remove the active and fixed sashes from the existing window and tap in a vinyl window into the pieces of your existing frame then put a bead of caulk inside and out and maybe a few pieces of vinyl cap if you are lucky. You get what you pay for…nothing.

A bulletproof window installation requires finding a company who has an extreme passion for installing beautiful windows. Some of these steps you should expect to see include removing the interior and exterior frame to then inspect for damage, decay or rot. Clean the opening and install a weather resistant barrier, then the sill pan installed, the window flange is back caulked and the window is installed over the flange and this ties the window to the drainage plane. On the interior of the window a low expansion foam can be applied between the window and the framing. This process does not replicate for all contractors but you can tell it is a much more detailed approach and would take a bit more time for the crew to meticulously install.

Choose a Company!

You want to make sure you, as homeowner look at reviews. Get references from the prior customers. Drive by and take a look at some of the jobs done. This is a big expense. Just as you would do your homework when buying a new car, you need to do your homework when qualifying/hiring a contractor. Replacing a window or a door is an appreciating asset, not a deprecating asset like a car.  If you are unsure about what kind of window you need for a certain replacement window or remodel please call our product specialist, Kevin Barnes, here at Designer Doors and Windows of Plano at (972) 424-0031.

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