When Customer Service Far Exceeds “Good Enough”

When the sales representative hung up after finishing a customer conversation with the phrase “good enough,” his director of sales spent a moment advising him how he could have made an even better impression on his client.

“In a situation like that, instead of saying ‘good enough,’ you may be better served asking the customer ‘is there anything else I can do for you’,” stressed Steve Barron, who owns and operates Designer Door & Window with his wife and business partner, Debby. “You see, here at Designer Door & Window (www.designerdw.com), ‘good enough’ is simply not good enough when you consider our competition, and how the contemporary customer demands optimum service. In our customer service model, we always strive to far exceed ‘good ennough’.”

Sheryl Pflaum, a customer who lives in suburban Dallas, Texas, became a customer and fan of Designer Door & Window when she benefited from the company’s comprehensive customer service recently.

Ms. Pflaum had contacted several companies, but found their attitudes and job quotes less than attractive. After locating Designer Door & Window on Angie’s List, she called them at 972 424-0031 and was pleased to meet Showroom Manager Kevin Barnes. “Kevin’s personality came through loud and clear on the phone,  so I drove over and met with him at their Plano, Texas showroom (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202A),” said Sheryl, who wrote a tribute to the company’s customer service on Angie’s List.

Mr. Barnes patiently walked Sheryl through the showroom and finishing department before pulling her home up online and discussing options with her.

“Their pricing was fair, the quality looked great and we got the process started,” recalled Ms. Pflaum.

Designer Door & Window is a full-service home door and window specialist, which installs high-quality patio, fiberglass, wood and iron doors, as well as fiberglass, wood and vinyl windows. Each product enhances the look and the value of the customer’s home.

What Mr. Barnes accomplished was to build a firm relationship with a brand new customer. He took the time to determine Sheryl’s expectations, followed up on the feedback he received from her, and continuously looked for ways to improve on the level of customer service that he was providing.

He also promoted a positive and friendly environment to ensure that Ms. Pflaum would leave the showroom with a positive impression. He delivered exceptional customer service far in excess of what many would consider to be, say, “good enough.”

Just a few days later, Designer Door & Window owner/operators Steve and Debby  Barron visited Sheryl’s residence to take measurements. Drawing on their 100+ years of combined customer service experiences, they were attentive to Sheryl’s needs and questions, and very friendly and accommodating while answering questions and making design suggestions.

They also brought color samples to show the customer, providing her with convenience and helpful tips. “Both Steve and Debby were very professional, and we reviewed the order together,” said Sheryl. “Steve stayed in touch with me regarding the progress and we made the appointment for the installation.”

A company’s customer service culture must be a part of every employee’s approach, and Designer Doors & Window has also succeeded in this important regard. “Each member of our team has good communications and customer service – not just the sales staff,” said Steve, referring to employees such as Adrian Guerrero, Francisco Rodriguez, Andy Barron, and Marshall Bridges. “Each of our employees also is a leader because they personally provide outstanding service at all times.”

Ms. Pflaum immediately noticed this when the installation team arrived. “The install team was every bit as professional as Kevin, Steve and Debby,” she said. “They were very tidy in protecting the area, removing the old doors and installing the new ones.  They cleaned up after themselves and you wouldn’t have known they had even come – until you saw the beautiful new doors that replaced the old ones.”

Sheryl was also impressed when Steve even called later in the day to see how things went, inquired as to whether she had any questions. “He also asked about the quality of the job that his employees had done,” she recalled. “I thought this was a nice little extra touch, and I really appreciated that.  Throughout the whole process, everyone with Designer Door & Window reinforced the idea that if I ever had any questions or issues, I should call them right away.”

Because the company helps its prospective and current customers at every step of the sales and delivery/installation processes, they are successfully winning new clients. “Designer Door & Window is a company that delivers what they promise and what they sell,” said Ms. Pflaum.

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