Inspiring Homeowners With Dazzling Showroom in Plano, Texas

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Homebuyers deciding to remodel their residences by replacing doors and/or windows appreciate the ability to take a strong first step in the process at the dazzling, comprehensive showroom provided by Designer Door & Window in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas.

For many, this provides the springboard for a successful remodeling experience.

“Our showroom is really a crucial first step in helping to serve customers. Because of this, we put a lot of thought into what makes a showroom feel comfortable and look attractive to homeowners who are looking to remodel with doors or windows, or both,” said Steve Barron, Owner of Designer Door and Window. “There is more than adequate spacing between the various exhibits and samples, and the homeowners feel as if they’re getting an education as they examine the wide variety of what we have in our showroom.”

Homeowners who visit the DD&W showroom are significantly impressed with its wealth of smartly-displayed designs and samples. They also appreciate its comfortable feel and roominess that enables them to gain a clear perspective of what would fit their home’s needs and the family budget.

image of the Designer Door & Window showroom in Plano Texas

Located on the northwest corner of Parker and Independence Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202A) in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Plano, Designer Door and Window has built a solid reputation as a customer-friendly shopping experience.

“In order to be customer friendly and efficient, it is very critical to provide a showroom that enables our homeowners to open, close, touch, feel and smell the various qualities and the actual size and construction of our doors,” Mr. Barron noted. “The company we acquired at this site had a showroom, which we modified and redesigned to meet our customers’ needs and fulfill a culture change that better serves the homeowners who visit our store.”

Customers can be absolutely inspired by the DD&W showroom that provides realistic layouts, displays, and designs, making it the company’s most effective sales vehicle. Each completely-assembled sample stands or rests in its own space, and provides ample room for the customer’s inspection. Visitors are encouraged to closely and comfortably examine DDW’s wide variety of wood, iron, patio, steel, storm and fiberglass doors, as well as windows made of fiberglass, wood and vinyl.


A homebuyer who lives in Plano, Texas who had their existing front doors replaced noted that Designer Door and Window’s showroom “provided the variety of samples to make it easy to select the best possible product. And, working with (DD&W Showroom Manager) Kevin Barnes was easy and efficient. He offered ideas on several doors that contained elements we liked, and Kevin was able to create exactly what we were looking for.”

Mr. Barnes, a native Texan who brings a keen, disarming sense of humor to his customers, has an easy-going personality that provides a welcoming influence on customers. He always encourages visitors to take their time in making a decision. “Mr. Barnes provides customers with so many ideas regarding designs, construction, and how a door and window can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home,” said Mr. Barron. “And when customers need to return several times to make their selection, he always has fresh, new ideas to make their experience easier.”

According to Mr. Barnes, the showroom’s effectiveness enables him to help customers from the minute they visit the showroom until their doors and/or window have been properly installed. “It really helps that I have a large variety of doors and windows from our manufacturers, because our homeowners are very astute with regard to what they want,” said Kevin. “They know what they want with regard to protection and a sophisticated look, and I am able to serve them successfully because I have a well-stocked and eye-catching showroom with which to work.”


Designer Door and Window invites homebuyers to visit their beautiful showroom located at the northwest corner of Parker and Independence Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. Homeowners can also visit their website ( to request a consultation or a quote, or contact them via phone (972 424-0031) or Email ( or

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