More Summertime Patio Doors and Window Drapery Designs

picture of exterior steel sliding patio door from provia

Simply stated, summer is a season that overflows with sunshine, glare, and heat. Your home’s patio doors should provide the means for taking shelter from sunburn and extreme heat while still letting in the sunlight. Patio doors maximize light Designer Door & Window is proud to offer sliding patio doors that are often the best […]

Effective Showroom Layout, Samples Inspire Homeowners at Designer Door & Window

Homeowners who visit the Plano, Texas showroom of DesignerDoor and Window ( are significantly impressedby a variety of well-positioned and displayed door and window designsand samples. Clients connect with the comfortable feel and roominessthat enables them to gain a clear perspective of what will fit their home’sneeds and family budget. A showroom boasting comfortable spacing […]

Cost vs. Value to Consider for your Doors & Windows

These recent storms have certainly served to highlight any weak points such as leaky doors and windows. In fact, doors and windows are never quite in the spotlight as they are when combatting a monsoon. Storm season in north Texas also means a higher risk of damage to doors and windows. If you need to […]

Wood vs Vinyl

All across America, bets are being placed as anxious and excited homeowners declare their allegiance to one of two most popular replacement window choices: Vinyl versus Wood. On one side of the court, stands the classic wood window. The average sized wood window weighs approximately 20 to 30 pounds and boasts an assortment of corners […]

Window Leaks

Texas weather…it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, and then it’s FREEZING!!!  This last cold snap has been a doozey.  Condensation build up on the glass panes and frames drip on to your window sells causing damage to paint and wood. If not remedied, it can eventually cause serious structural damage around the window frames. It […]

Winter Window Woes

Over time we all begin to show a little wear and tear.  It’s only natural that every day exposure to the elements will slowly break down our sturdy exteriors.  Then it stands to reason that our homes suffer the same wear and tear; it is just as easy to let it go unnoticed day after […]

Home Security

When is the last time you thought about your home’s security system or overall level of safety?  Probably not as often as you should; and truly, it is easy to feel overly confident in most of our North Texas neighborhoods regarding the safety in our homes.  We know our neighbors, our local fire and police […]

Top 3 Questions to ask before Hiring a Door Contractor

Here at Designer Door and Window we have  heard many nightmare stories. One recently involved a homeowner reporting they had hired a contractor and paid them 50% of the deposit and never heard back from them again. We know that home improvements are not paid for with pocket change. It is your hard earned money […]

Top 3 Reasons for Replacing Your Front Door before 2014

This recent winter weather does not make it any easier on our homes or our nerves when we hear a horrible squeak or feel the cold draft coming from our front door. The main passageways in our home tend to receive the most family “love”. This is not the best news for your front door. […]

When Do I Replace My Doors and Windows?

It’s time. The weather is changing and so is your focus on home repairs. Over time, the structure of your home has settled, causing the seals on windows and doors to leak. Of greater concern are the three windows that no longer lock which could be a security issue for you and your family. You […]