Wood vs Fiberglass Doors

If you are considering updating your home, one of the most obvious options bringing immediate impact to your street appeal, is to modernize the doors and windows.   There are many beautiful design options available today for making a dramatic statement for your exterior home upgrade.

As you consider your choices regarding the right look and feel for your door replacement you will also want to determine whether a wood door or fiberglass door is the best choice for your home.   Both fiberglass and wood doors can be similar in appearance; however, there are a few differences you will want to think about before you commit.

Both wood and fiberglass doors may be sanded down and repainted or varnished to change the look down the road.  Over time, however, wood doors can fade or the finish can peel away, especially if it gets direct Texas-style sun exposure consistently.  Most wood door manufactures void their warranty if there is direct sun on the door. Also, if the overhang is not sufficient enough (they have a formula that must be followed) the warranty will not apply. Fiberglass doors don’t degrade due to weather influences, therefore are a much longer lasting option.  One fiberglass door manufacture offers a 10 year finish warranty and a lifetime warranty on the door frame and glass regardless of sun exposure and overhang.

Wood doors will require more maintenance overtime.   Weather exposure can result in surface bubbles, cracks, and shrinkage around glass panes.  Wood doors will even warp when exposed to the elements over time.   Fiberglass doors are stronger, resistant to dents and scratches and overall more energy efficient, therefore offering a longer life span with less on-going attention than a wood door requires.

Adding a wood door is a much simpler preparation and installation process than fiberglass doors.  Fiberglass is difficult to work with, so only a highly professional installation will ensure the proper results.   That being said, even a wood door is heavy and needs to be set properly to ensure a better fit.

Let the experts help you determine your best choice.    Your best bet…call Designer Doors and Windows for your in-home consultation today.

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