Window Replacement for Energy Efficiency

In need of new windows in your home?  There are some benefits to getting this done this fall, before our temperatures drop substantially of which you may want to be aware.

As you will remember, as the temps begin to drop you will start to be reminded of how drafty your old windows actually are.  Do you really want to shiver through another long winter with sky-high heating bills?  Not if you are like the majority of us!!

Now is the time to replace some, or all, of your old inefficient windows to save on this winter’s bills.  The average American family needs to budget approximately 40% of all utilities to their monthly heating or cooling expenses.  Simply updating with new, energy efficient vinyl windows will significantly impact your energy bills this winter AND will reduce those pesky drafts that make us run for sweaters and slippers.

Another added benefit to new vinyl windows is that our vinyl windows are more secure than your current, old model windows.  Newer vinyl window options now offer deadbolt type locks and stainless steel locking mechanisms on casement windows.

Additionally, we offer multiple window glazing options ranging from ultraviolet protective coatings to privacy enhancements.  These added value components reduce energy loss and diminish many interior fading issues that exist with older, basic window options. We also offer a variety of colors and design options.  Curious if we can provide a variation to meet your unique home needs?  Just ask; we probably can!

Not sure where to start your journey?  Visit our showroom or contact us, your Trusted Advisor, for a free, in-home consultation to help design the right window replacement quote for your needs.

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