Spring Décor Ideas for Windows

Spring is a wonderful season for decorating your windows. As the weather turns warmer and the vegetation begins to bloom, we want to share some new ideas with you. Take a look at these great ways to turn your space into one you will adore.

Add Some Greenery


When you think of springtime, visions of fresh, light and compellingly bright colors dominate your mind’s eye. Grab some cute and clean potted plants from your local farmers market and add them to your window sill – or maybe a hanging plant? We have lots of great DIY ideas on our Instagram. That means eye-catching flowers and plants, green grass, blue skies and the warm sun also appeal to the senses. We invite you to invite spring into your home.

Light Curtains Welcome Spring into Your Home

Decorating your windows with light curtains is an inexpensive way to welcome more light and airiness into your home’s décor. These curtains will also create an elegant and airy look while enabling you to enjoy seeing the new foliage and flowers. Your curtains should match the interior styling of your residence’s wallpaper, paint and furnishings.  And, the lightweight fabric invites more natural light into the home to create a pleasant, healthy feeling and mood.

Roman Shades Combine Functionality with Pleasing Pattern


Roman shades can give you the pairing of functionality with an eye-pleasing pattern. If you want your window treatments to coordinate with your bedding, you can utilize a sheet and convert it into a shade.

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