Space Saver Windows

It is easy to float comfortably along through the months without a lot of thought to budgets; that is until the cool, brisk winds of winter begin sneaking into our lives and through our windows!!

There are always helpful, energy saving tips we can apply to help reduce our heating costs when Old Man Winter comes beating on our doors, yet the biggest cause of energy loss is our old, inefficient windows.

Now, I do understand that completely replacing old, outdated windows throughout one’s home is quite an undertaking and not one we should consider thoughtlessly, however, the day is coming when it simply becomes the only viable option.

When you are ready for that move toward total energy efficiency, consider installing Super Spacer windows.  These state of the art windows are leaders in the industry due to their energy efficient glass system design.

Super Spacer windows do not expand or contract with extreme weather changes the way the old window varieties do by use of multi-layer vapor barriers and adhesives made of acrylics.  Windows that can maintain their own structural integrity despite outside elements have a tremendous impact on steady levels of humidity and little, to no, condensation and mold concerns that were problems of the previous window sets.

The reason Super Spacer windows work so well is that these windows do not utilize heat conductive materials such as metal, but instead rely on polymer structural foam.  No other windows on the market today can lay claim to this design.

Energy Star rated, Super Spacer windows have been rigorously tested to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees and humidity levels as high as 100%, with a constant barrage of ultraviolet rays.  These tests have been labeled by engineers as being “the toughest accelerated aging and durability test” worldwide.

But are they right for your home?  Call our window experts today for your free consultation.  We would be honored to help you make the best new window choices for your home this season.

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