Low-E Window Replacement Makes your Home Energy Efficient

Year after year we, as a society, are becoming more and more energy conscious and environmentally aware.  This is a good thing!  It is better for the world we live in and improved energy efficiency also relieves some strain on our pocketbooks, as well.

Now that you may be considering replacing some or all of the windows in your home, we want to take the opportunity to educate you on the latest in energy efficiency when it comes to replacement windows.  The newest, most energy efficient windows in the market use glass that is commonly known as Low-E.  What does that really mean though?

Low-E glass is short for glass that is low in emissivity.  Low-E is not actually mixed into the glass as it is formed, but rather it is a “microscopic, metallic coating” that is applied to the surface of the glass during the window construction process that helps increase insulation from outside elements.

When Low-E glass is used in your replacement windows you will immediately reap the rewards of increased energy efficiency through the reflection of heat away from, not through, the windows of your home without compromising visibility.

Choosing Low-E glass in your new windows is a far better choice, than more traditional, double-paned glass windows without the treatment.  Statistics show energy bills may be reduced by as much as 25% with this new glass technology.

Want to learn more about Low-E options in your new or replacement windows?  Simply visit our showroom for a expert evaluation on which window replacement options are the best fit for your home and budget.

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