Wood vs Vinyl

All across America, bets are being placed as anxious and excited homeowners declare their allegiance to one of two most popular replacement window choices: Vinyl versus Wood.

On one side of the court, stands the classic wood window. The average sized wood window weighs approximately 20 to 30 pounds and boasts an assortment of corners and angles intricately incorporated into each design. Cleaning these windows will definitely make you feel like a part of the team, while repainting these wood windows will make you feel like you are carrying the whole team to victory on your back. Scraping, sanding and cleaning these intricate angles and corners will give you a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each design.

Aluminum clad wood windows will require regular attention as well. Checking the cladding and trim for cracks is the first line of defense in keeping water from penetrating the wood frame. A moist or wet frame can spell trouble if left unchecked. Moisture will cause warping and warping will most definitely knock your team out of the game before half time.

On the other side of the court, stands the modern, sleek, vinyl window. Each custom designed window weighs in at approximately 8 to 12 pounds and boasts an assortment of styles and colors to choose from. Since each vinyl window is made specifically to fit your needs, this is quite literally your team. This strong, independent player does not require time or money for maintenance. And since there are no wood components, moisture and frame warping are not a threat to the game.

Additionally, energy efficiency is your team’s primary game plan. Working together, these reliable vinyl windows will help protect your home court advantage during any season: Indoor temperature. Designed with longevity and stamina in mind, these players will not give up until that final buzzer sounds.

In conclusion, wood windows are a timeless classic in look and style, but that doesn’t mean they are the best windows for you. Vinyl windows are a triple threat: Less expensive, low maintenance and energy efficient. Which combined, will save you time, money and a backache.


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