When Do I Replace My Doors and Windows?

It’s time. The weather is changing and so is your focus on home repairs. Over time, the structure of your home has settled, causing the seals on windows and doors to leak. Of greater concern are the three windows that no longer lock which could be a security issue for you and your family. You realize that poor door and window seals are costing you lots of money and it is time to do something about it.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy reports a $13 billion dollar energy loss from drafty doors and windows every year and leads to a 50% loss of a home’s heating and cooling energy. Those gaps, no matter how small, allow air to infiltrate or leak, having a definitive impact upon the ambient temperature in your home and a direct effect on your wallet. Fixing this problem can decrease annual energy costs by close to 25% and you may be tempted to replace those doors and windows yourself. But what you don’t know about the process could wipe out any anticipated savings and cost you even more.

There are all kinds of replacement doors and windows on the market, but they are manufactured in defined sizes that may not correspond to your needs. This can mean removing bricks, siding, molding or insulation.  It can also mean removing and/or relocating studs and headers – a situation that can also potentially compromise the structural integrity of your home. If you want to realize those savings over time, while improving both the comfort and value of your home, the best solution is to hire a professional – one with experience, uses the best materials and is committed to excellent service which can provide you peace of mind.

Homeowners are often concerned about the cost of custom doors and windows.  Obviously, custom work may be priced differently than products stocked in home improvement stores; but what you get from a reputable professional can also be the difference in the overall experience. You will also have access to a wider range of manufacturers, materials, styles, and colors; not to mention a custom installation of quality products, fit to your openings, plus a warranty on both materials and installation. So, contact a local, reputable contractor today and stop leaking all that money out the door – spend it ON the door, instead!

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