A Reminder to Protect Against Holiday Season Break-Ins

Steve Barron, the owner of Designer Door & Window, appeared on Dallas, Texas network affiliate WFAA Channel 8 a few years ago to discuss door security solutions for protecting against residential break-ins. Several suburban Plano residents had been victimized by thieves who gained entry by breaking builder’s grade glass doors to burglarize their homes.

WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker interviewed Mr. Barron on camera as a subject matter expert during one of the station’s evening news telecasts. The story was aired to educate the public about how simple it is for thieves to break a homeowner’s glass door to gain entry without tripping an alarm.

Glass is a weak spot for criminals

According to Mr. Barron, criminals are aware that the glass door of your home is one of its weakest spots, and they realize how easy it is to break the glass without having to disturb the door or the alarm.

On camera reenactment

While on camera, Mr. Barron reenacted the simplicity of shattering and removing a builder’s grade exterior glass window or door and easily stepping through the frame without setting off the alarm. During two recent weekends, homes have been burglarized after thieves entered the residence through the rear door. In fact, surveillance video has shown thieves huddling at the door of a residence.

What homeowners can do

The homeowner has the option to enhance their alarm or reinforce their doors, said Mr. Barron. He added that because most new homes feature builder’s grade doors that make you susceptible to a break-in, the homeowner must ensure they have a safer, more secure door. One recommendation Mr. Barron identified was a choice of doors with laminated glass windows or, even better, solid steel or fiberglass doors manufactured by a company called Provia. 

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