Window Replacement

Incorrect installation of the best replacement windows can result in these window replacements not working properly in 2 to 3 years, if not immediately.


Installing replacement windows is different from installing new construction windows. It takes a different thought process. Special attention needs to be given to the sheetrock interior and the brick or siding exterior when removing the old glass windows. Many trade people think it is easy replacing windows. How difficult could it be?

The removal of wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows or aluminum windows is the easiest part of window replacements compared to the installation of the new units. The new windows will fit perfectly if the measuring for your home replacement windows was done correctly before ordering.

It is very important that the “installers” have two key certifications:

  1. The replacement window manufactures certification.
  2. AAMA (American Architectural Manufactures Association) certification. This certification is not cheap! Besides tuition, it takes the installers out of the field for two days and they are submerged in a classroom for academic instruction. They participate in hands-on training the second day before being given the final exam. This course is administered by a third party unaffiliated with window manufactures. Each installer has their own official picture ID card showing their certification and the expiration date.

The installation of replacement windows, for most homeowners, is the scariest part. Yet the homeowner seldom does their homework to thoroughly check out the companies they are considering. Homeowners “buy” the sales person. There are many nice sales people in the window replacement business, but they are not the people installing your home replacement windows. DO NOT BUY ON THE SAME DAY regardless of the offer! The offer will always be there if the company has nothing to hide – like poor installation practices.

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