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Attractive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Replacement Windows

1:31 pm

With the leaves changing color and the air becoming cooler, this striking, crisp season is a wonderful time to consider many compelling Autumn-inspired displays to highlight your custom replacement windows. 

The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to offer you the following creations that will help take your home’s drive up appeal to the next level, and represent a creative way to decorate for this time of the year.

Window boxes add plant life

Window boxes provide a wonderful way to add plant life around the exterior of your window(s), particularly […]

Tips To Help You Save On Energy Usage & Costs

9:00 am
tips to save on electric costs during summer

The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to introduce and install energy efficient replacement doors and windows in your beautiful home. They also want to make you aware of several steps that you can take to proactively save even more on your energy usage and costs.

Raise the thermostat to (at least) 78

One of the leading energy-saving tips in Texas is to raise your thermostat’s temperature to at least 78 degrees. This will go a long way toward conserving energy and reducing your electric bill significantly. In addition, if you are […]

Designer University Ensures Perfect Installations

5:31 pm
designer doors and windows university

Whenever you choose to purchase and have a replacement door and/or window installed in your home by Designer Door & Window, the professionals who complete the job have been expertly trained for the tasks they are completing. The company’s installers are on your job only because they have successfully completed a challenging training program. 

What does this mean to you? As a responsible consumer, you can be confident that your job will be completed perfectly, the first time. The proprietary training initiative that each installer must complete is called “Designer University”. The curriculum for this course […]

Designer Door & Window’s Sliding Barn Doors Add Space-Saving Rustic Charm To Your Home

10:24 am

Add Space-Saving Rustic Charm to Your Home

Homeowners can appreciate having the opportunity to save space and even open their home’s interior while adding a striking new look. If these are your goals as a homeowner, then Designer Door & Window has the perfect solution for you– interior barn doors.

Part of a Recent Design Trend

This unique, attractive product is a part of a recent design trend and stands in as an attractive alternative to pocket doors. Unlike a standard hinged door that requires between 10 and 14 square feet of floor space to swing open, a barn door consumes a little more space than its actual thickness. Since a barn door slides open instead of pivoting in either direction, you can place a table, chair, desk or other furniture pieces right beside the doorway without interfering with the its operation.

Space-Saving Solution

Interior sliding barn doors are wonderful space-saving partitions that allow you to separate rooms or add a little extra privacy without same capacity it takes to install a pocket door. All you need is enough wall space for the door to occupy while not in use. If you’re interested in adding functional flair to your home, consider placing interior barn doors.

Versatile Design Possibilities

Additionally, interior sliding barn doors will provide versatile design possibilities. Whether your children are growing out of their current rooms, or you’d like to fulfill your need for more space to move around in the living or dining room, or perhaps you plan to add furniture, these doors work perfectly in virtually every room. They will work in the bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, and your home office. They are useful for closets, hallways, kitchen pantries, and master bedrooms.

Along with functionality, barn doors can provide an aspect of rustic charm that adds a touch of comfort and warmth to a contemporary home.

Come Visit Designer Door & Window’s Showroom

If you have an idea or would like to create your own attractive sliding barn door design, then please see our complete line of replacement doors and windows when you visit the Designer Door & Window showroom. We are located at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. The company’s trade professionals will provide useful information in order to help you realize your artistic vision and provide a large selection of styles to help achieve the unique look that you desire. We welcome your ideas and concepts.

You May Also Visit Our Website or Call

You may also visit Designer Door & Window at to request a consultation or a quote, or call us at (972) 424-0031.

Video DVD’s from Designer Door & Window Build Customers’ Confidence in Company’s Installers

11:25 am

Whenever a customer visiting the Designer Door & the Window showroom in Plano, Texas asks about the installation process of designer doors and/or windows, they are invited to watch a “film.”

No, they aren’t treated to one of the filmdom’s finest. Instead, they may select their choice of two video presentations on DVD – one for doors and the other for windows. In some cases, they take in a double feature.

Installers are the stars

         Each production stars the company’s team of installers, reflecting how punctual and precise his team of Designer Door and Window […]

Valentine’s Day Door Decor Ideas

4:48 pm

Love is in the air and the professionals at Designer Door and Window are sending love your way with some Valentine’s Day door decor ideas.

Repurpose Your Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas – they’re also a wonderful reminder that “love lives here.” Just hang it on the door for a classic look. Add some love language to your wreath with wooden words or keep it clean with a fringed heart.

Let Your Love Shine

Bring some light into your life by adding some red or pink fairy or string […]

Designer Door and Window Offers Beautiful Sierra Pacific Replacement Wood Windows

2:23 pm

Designer Door and Windows wishes you and your family a happy, prosperous new year. As we progress into 2018, you may want to consider replacing the wooden doors in your north Texas home.
If you are thinking about replacing the wooden windows in your North Texas home, Designer Door and Window can help.
Perfect Complement to Your Home’s Existing Façade
Visit the Designer Door and Window showroom in Plano, Texas to find the windows that will perfectly complement, and even improve, your home’s existing façade and interior.
As you know, windows are one of […]

Designer Door and Window Replacement Wood Doors Add Warmth & Enhance Your Home’s Appeal

11:21 am

A large contingent of professionals that include realtors, investors, remodelers, and designers agree that a home’s front door is the window to its soul. Your front door can significantly affect drive up appeal as well as set a warm, welcoming tone for visitors and family members.

Increase Value

A brand new exterior door can also increase your home’s value as well as save you money on energy costs. In fact, there are numerous positive effects that a new wood door will have on your residence.

Large Variety

Designer Door and Window offers a large […]

Are Your Windows Undermining The Security Of Your Doors?

10:06 am

When it comes to the protecting the perimeter of your home, most people focus on the security of their doors. High-quality locks make sure that no one is getting in without a key. And solid core doors and meticulous upgrades can even repel most forms of forced entry. But none of that matters if your windows undermine the security of your doors. Take these concerns into consideration, and learn to better protect your home.
Unprotected Glass
The most likely attack on your windows will be brute force methods that simply smash the glass. Steve Barron, Owner of […]

Designer Door & Window Replacement Doors Provide A Variety of Benefits for Homeowner

10:13 pm

A homeowner’s decision to invest in new replacement doors can completely transform their home. Designer Door & Window’s products are durable, built to last, energy efficient, and easily customized to each client’s home and lifestyle.  In addition, they provide a variety of benefits for homeowners and their families.

Designer Door & Window strongly recommends that homeowners select insulating glass that will decrease exterior noise and enable clients to more comfortably enjoy their homes and lifestyles.

The decision to choose energy efficient glass will keep heat outside during the approaching warmer months and achieve optimum efficiency in any […]