Window Leaks

Texas weather…it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, and then it’s FREEZING!!!  This last cold snap has been a doozey.  Condensation build up on the glass panes and frames drip on to your window sells causing damage to paint and wood. If not remedied, it can eventually cause serious structural damage around the window frames. It can even create mold and other environmental issues.

Since these kinds of window leaks will wreak havoc on your home. It is best to identify them in the early stages rather than waiting until a real, big problem has become apparent to the casual observer.

To help keep eyes on the matter here are a couple of useful ways you might monitor your windows.  Both of these do-it-yourself options are relatively simple from a leak detection standpoint. Ideally, you should go ahead and perform both tests.

The first test:

Lock all windows and doors, turn off all exhaust fans, and close the heating/cooling vents and fireplace dampers.  Remove all flammable items, then, light a candle. Hold the candle steady near the window frame and then the locking rail on operable windows. If the flame waivers, then air is coming in from that area of the frame or rail.

The second test:

Check all fin seals around the operating window unit. Make sure they are present, not ripped, worn out or falling out of their track. Step back and look for visible light around the seals.  The window glass should not rattle or shake.  Also, check that the locks are properly functioning and the windows open and closed smoothly.

Once you have determined there are leaks to be repaired, a quick and efficient repair is best to avoid future damage.  Next, call a reputable window repair or replacement company, such as Designer Door and Window, for your free in-home consultation to see which repair or replacement options are best for your situation.

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