What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Rental’s Windows

In order for the property to attract good, long-term tenants, rental property owners should always maintain their rental property and keep it in good shape. Rental property maintenance is not limited to one thing. It involves the proper and smooth operation of several elements, including heating and cooling systems, elevators (if applicable), appliances, recycling and garbage disposal, plumbing, timely repairs, and other essentials. All those elements are relevant for tenants.

Doors, windows, carpets, foyers, gardens/patios, etc. also fall into the category of things that must be maintained by landlords. This is especially true if you want a good and consistent return on your investment.

If you feel that your rental property’s windows have become too old/worn out, rusty, or broken, you should replace them immediately, says the Granite Foundation Repair team. Replacing windows is good for your property in the long run because the type of windows that are available today are far superior compared to older windows. In fact, if you install the right type of windows, you can also lower utility bills as well as increase comfort for your tenants.

The newer generation of windows offers soundproofing for the home. Additionally, the way new windows are installed results in fewer drafts and even makes the home quieter. During the winter, these new windows retain the heat, which keeps the unit warm and during summer, then reflects the rays of the sun. That in turn, helps keep the unit cool.

However, there are many types of windows available in the market, and choosing the best ones for your rental property is not always easy. Also, there are many different models, configuration, and styles for windows to select from, and they all have their differences in performance, durability, and functionality.

Here are some things you need to know when replacing your rental’s windows:


In general, there are two key types of window installations available. The first is a full-frame installation which involves completely removing the old window and its components and replacing it with a custom-made window complete with a new frame and interior trim.

The other option is a retrofit installation, where the new window is inserted into the existing frame, but the jambs are not altered. Overall, retrofit installation is a lot cheaper than full-frame installation; but the full-frame installation is more thorough and addresses any prior problems you may have had with the window.

A retrofit is usually a cosmetic fix which may not address a problem like rotting wooden frames. The type of installation you choose will depend on your needs and your reason for replacing your rental’s windows.

If the windows are old, broken and/or worn-out, it is best to go for a full-frame installation. But if your goal is simply to renovate and touch-up your property a bit, you can go for a retrofit. Make sure you make the correct choice because you don’t want to waste both time and money replacing your windows if you don’t do it right.

Window style

Another thing to consider is the style of windows you want. There are two styles that are most commonly used: sliding windows and crank windows.

Crank windows come in a casement or awning style where the window is opened with a crank mechanism that is encircled with a compression seal. This style offers an airtight close and excellent energy efficiency.

The sliding window comes as a horizontal or a hung slide. The mobile part of these windows moves inside the frame, which is operated by hand. These sliders usually have a weather seal where the sash meets the frame, but the seal is not always perfect, so energy loss is common.

Overall, crank windows are slightly more expensive than sliding windows. Today, the recommendations are that casement windows are the best performing windows in the market. Again, the style you choose depends on your needs but investing in crank windows may work better for you in the long-run.

Double or triple-pane windows

You also need to know whether to select double or triple-pane windows. This all depends on where you live. Triple pane windows usually have a higher energy rating compared to double-pane windows. Triple pane windows are also more efficient in terms of functionality and energy conservation.

However, double pane windows are still a great option, and one can maximize their efficiency by the addition of optional features like low emissivity coating to lower heat loss and preventing harmful UV rays from entering the home.

Keep in mind that when it comes to doors and windows, most tenants do not have any issues unless the item in question is broken or does not function properly. That is why it is up to the landlord to decide what is best for their rental property. If you are unsure about which type and style of windows to choose, you can speak to a professional to determine which options will work best for your rental.

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