Top 3 Reasons for Replacing Your Front Door before 2014

This recent winter weather does not make it any easier on our homes or our nerves when we hear a horrible squeak or feel the cold draft coming from our front door. The main passageways in our home tend to receive the most family “love”. This is not the best news for your front door. Many things like the weather, material and traffic effects the longevity of an exterior door. If you are already considering investing in a new entryway door here are the top 3 reasons to do this before 2014.

  1. Selling your home? If you live in the Dallas area, we have good news for you. 69.5% of the cost of replacing your door is recouped when reselling the home according to Remodeling Cost vs Value Report of 2013.
  2. Tax deductions. You can claim up to a $500.00 credit on doors and $200.00 on windows total and they must be installed by December 31st 2013. Limitations apply check the requirements before purchase. Tax and more forms at
  3. Door materials have improved significantly in recent years, investing a little more in premium materials goes along way. The investment quickly pays for itself with savings by their superior insulating power.


Time is Running Out!

If you are ready to replace your entry door please call Designer Doors and Windows of Plano at (972) 424-0031  to get started immediately. Our friendly staff will evaluate the current state of your entryway, deliver all of your available options and be there with you each step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!

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