Top 3 Questions to ask before Hiring a Door Contractor

Here at Designer Door and Window we have  heard many nightmare stories. One recently involved a homeowner reporting they had hired a contractor and paid them 50% of the deposit and never heard back from them again. We know that home improvements are not paid for with pocket change. It is your hard earned money and we want everyone to avoid these scam artists by asking yourself a few quick questions to verify the character and integrity of the contractor.

  1. Does he have a showroom you can visit? This is important and it indicates “roots”.
  2. Then ask how long at their current location? How long in business? This is just as important as a showroom, it shows they aren’t planning on skipping town anytime soon.
  3. Do they have references? Reviews? Most companies have reviews online now that can be located by a quick Google search for the company’s name. If this is not the case ask for the business owner to provide you with either of these. If they cannot…then run.


If a sales rep comes knocking at your door and cannot provide standard information like location and references and/or reviews, please avoid doing business with them even if they are $750 cheaper than anyone else.

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