Problems with Window Replacement

Many homes in the Dallas area were built during the 1920-1980s and if you own one of these houses you might be overdue for window replacement. On average these home can have anywhere from 12-24 windows. What can homeowners of the gorgeous yet older homes expect to pay for windows and installation costs?


The quality of the window is going to be a large factor of the pricing and not all windows are created equal. Brands like Marvin, Anderson and Simonton are very reasonably priced windows and made from high quality material. The material will also make a difference, wood will be at the top and vinyl in the middle both having their advantages and disadvantages.

Window Replacement

A lot of windows are installed improperly and usually these company’s are ok with charging little or nothing for window replacement. These companies just remove the active and fixed sashes from the existing window and tap in a vinyl window into the pieces of your existing frame then put a bead of caulk inside and out and maybe a few pieces of vinyl cap if you are lucky. You get what you pay for…nothing. It’s too expensive to tear out brick or siding so the homeowner needs an alternative and that would be new window construction.

Choose the Right Company!

Take a look at the installation reputation and previous work of the companies who are charging basically nothing for window replacement. Ask for reviews and references from the installer before putting down the deposit.That’s why it’s so important to have AAMA certified and factory-certified installers. If you are unsure about what kind of window you need for a certain replacement window or remodel please call our product specialist, Kevin Barnes, here at Designer Doors and Windows of Plano at (972) 424-0031.

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