Effective Showroom Layout, Samples Inspire Homeowners at Designer Door & Window

Homeowners who visit the Plano, Texas showroom of Designer
Door and Window (www.designerdw.com) are significantly impressed
by a variety of well-positioned and displayed door and window designs
and samples. Clients connect with the comfortable feel and roominess
that enables them to gain a clear perspective of what will fit their home’s
needs and family budget.

A showroom boasting comfortable spacing
The Designer Door & Window team have put a lot of thought into
what makes a showroom, feel comfortable and look attractive for it?
visitors. For example, there is ample spacing between the various
exhibits, and homeowners learn a great deal as they continue to
examine products and design elements.

Located on the northwest corner of Parker and Independence
Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202A) in the Dallas, Texas
suburb of Plano, Designer Door and Window has built a solid
reputation as a customer-friendly shopping experience.

Sensory perception
The showroom invites homeowners to open, close, touch, feel and
even smell the various qualities and the actual size and construction of
each door and window. This “sensory perception” approach enables
visitors to be inspired by the vast array of realistic layouts, displays,
and designs. As such, it becomes the company’s most effective sales

Encouraging close examination
Each completely-assembled sample stands or rests in its own
space, and provides ample room for the customer’s inspection.
Visitors are encouraged to closely and comfortably examine
the wide variety of wood, iron, patio, steel, storm and fiberglass doors,
as well as windows made of fiberglass, wood and vinyl.
Showroom Manager Kevin Barnes

Another wonderful resource of the Designer Door & Window
showroom is its personable manager, Kevin Barnes, who encourages
visitors to take their time in making a decision. Mr. Barnes provides
customers with many ideas regarding design, construction, and how
a door and window can make a significant difference in the look and
feel of their home…..and all without any pressure whatsoever.

Come Visit
Designer Door & Window cordially invites you to visit their showroom, where Mr. Barnes will help you realize your artistic vision.
He also will welcome your ideas and concepts.

You May Also Visit Our Website or Call
Homeowners may also visit Designer Door & Window at www.designerdw.com to request a consultation or a quote, or call us at (972) 424-0031.

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