Don’t Be Caught Off Guard By Winter

If you are living in a home that is more than 10 to 20 years old, window replacement is an upgrade that you should consider. Windows made several years ago were either single pane or very thin double pane with only dead air between the panes. Many homeowners are now faced with seal failure which allows moisture and dust between these thin panes that can’t be cleaned…very frustrating!! Designer Doors & Windows offers a solution, energy efficient, double & triple pane windows. Today’s technology fills the air space between the two panes of glass with an argon gas that acts as a buffer for an insulating effect. PLUS, in Texas, we need protection against the solar heat gain…the HOT Texas sun… especially on the east, west and south sides. So we add 3 coats of low emissivity to the internal surfaces of the glass. No more fading of furniture, carpets, or drapes! Most importantly, your utility bill will be reduced. Although replacing windows can be a costly venture up front, the savings will add up in the years to come, which makes it well worth the investment. Most of the time, the benefits of window replacement will pay for itself in only a few years. With the winter months quickly approaching this year, it is a good time to consider replacing those old worn out windows. Remember, not only will new windows make the house warmer, but they can also help with cooling efficiency in the heat of the summer as well.

In addition to energy conservation, double and triple pane windows can also help with noise reduction, especially if you live in a large city. New windows can also give your home a fresh, updated look. Even if the old windows do not have visible cracks, new windows can still improve the appearance and overall quality of your home. All of these factors can enhance the potential resale value of your home. And don’t forget the importance of the manufacturer’s warranty. Look for the MANUFACTURER’S FULL LIFETIME LABOR AND MATERIAL WARRANTY.  Don’t accept anything else.

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