Designer University Ensures Perfect Installations

Whenever you choose to purchase and have a replacement door and/or window installed in your home by Designer Door & Window, the professionals who complete the job have been expertly trained for the tasks they are completing. The company’s installers are on your job only because they have successfully completed a challenging training program. 

What does this mean to you? As a responsible consumer, you can be confident that your job will be completed perfectly, the first time. The proprietary training initiative that each installer must complete is called “Designer University”. The curriculum for this course has been designed to enable Designer Door & Window to sustain its “customer first” culture and meet the increasing needs of  its growing list of homeowner clients. 

All employees must be of good character

The owners of and managers at Designer Door & Window seek to hire only employees of good character, individuals whom they can trust to be honest and conscientious both on and off the job. The company then trains them to master the needed skills. Most new hires tend to quickly understand their firm’s “customer first” climate, culture and commitment. New hires all work with veteran employees to help them understand and buy into the on-the-job expectations, and that those expectations are achievable.

Designer University training initiative

Designer University is an intense 60-day training initiative during which new hires complete both classroom curriculum and on-the-job training with tried and true company employees. Each 90-day probationary candidate will be assigned a mentor who is responsible for their growth and success. By the 30th day, the company’s managers know whether an employee is a good fit for the work to be done to your expectations.

Learning time frame

New hires spend their first week soaking up classroom training. Beginning with their second week, they are working with their more experienced colleagues at residential job sites. There, they participate in the installations of your replacement doors and windows. They also provide the cleanup after the installation process has been successfully completed. 

Each candidate must also master safety certification curriculum, as well as power tool and hand tool training. Depending on how long it takes them to build their skill level, they will take on more responsibility and their pay can increase.

The Designer University training provided by Designer Door & Window will ensure that every one of our employees will be among the best at what they do in our industry, and that your job will be completed perfectly, the first time. 

Come visit or schedule an appointment

Designer Door & Window invites you to visit our showroom at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. We are open and look forward to you, Monday from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m., and Saturday from 10 a. m. to 3 p m.  

Our company’s trade professionals will help you realize your artistic vision, and provide a large selection of styles to help achieve the unique look that you desire. We also welcome your ideas and concepts.

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