DD&W Owner’s TV Appearance An Ongoing Reminder to Protect Against Break-Ins

After watching the evening news, homeowners cannot help but think about the safety and security of their residences, not to mention their loved ones.  They frequently begin to think about remodeling by choosing new, safer doors and windows.


designer door and window owner steve barron tv interview


This is because more often than not, we are reminded that there are no burglar-proof homes or neighborhoods. The aftermath of residential break-ins is littered with TV film of shattered glass and twisted metals. These news stories serve as proof that criminals were successful in damaging the home and making off with at least some of the owner’s valuables.

“Unfortunately, burglaries happen all year long,” said Steve Barron, Owner of Designer Door & Window, based in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. “They tend to increase as holidays approach with the potential of stealing gifts and decorative items (that can quickly be pawned, etc.), but unfortunately, every season is stealing season for burglars.

“Fortunately, we can provide a solution,” added Mr. Barron, an expert at providing remodeling solutions to protect against would-be robbers.

Mr. Barron suggests to homebuyers that they should remodel by ordering secure windows, particularly those that include laminated glass. “Criminals know the glass in a typical patio door is one of the weakest spots in the home,” said Mr. Barron, who has worked with many burglary victims in the past. “They realize how easy it is to break the glass without having to disturb the door or the door’s alarm.”

Word of Mr. Barron’s knowledge about installing protective windows and door reached the Channel 8 newsroom in Dallas. They dispatched reporter Jobin Panicker to the DD&W location to film an interview with him on July 21 during the midst of a rash of local break-ins in well-heeled suburbs by thieves who gained entry by breaking through the glass of builder grade doors.

“A great deal of viewers saw that interview, and we received a lot of feedback and customer queries for a few weeks afterward,” said Mr. Barron. “The response to that segment was impressive. I’m hopeful that the story educated the public about how simple it is for thieves to break a homeowner’s door glass to gain entry without tripping the door’s alarm.”

Designer door and window owner steve barron speaks to wfaa channel 8


A link to the one minute, 44 second report, as well as a print version of the story, is available on the station’s website. While on camera, Mr. Barron reenacted the simplicity of shattering and removing a builder grade exterior glass door and easily stepping through the frame without setting off the door’s alarm.

During two recent weekends, homes have been burglarized after thieves entered the residence through the rear patio door. In fact, surveillance video has shown thieves huddling at the door of a residence.

The homeowner has the option to enhance their alarm and/or reinforce their doors, said Mr. Barron. “Because most new homes feature builder grade doors that make you susceptible to a break-in, the homeowner must change their thought process and ensure they have a safer, more secure door.”


Mr. Barron said he strongly recommends doors with “laminated glass or, even better, solid steel or fiberglass doors manufactured by a company called ProVia.”

Designer Door & Window invites you to protect your residence by visiting their beautiful showroom located at the northwest corner of West Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. You can also visit their website (www.designerdw.com) to request a consultation or a quote, contact them via phone (972 424-0031), or connect with them via E-mail (steve@designerdw.com or debby@designerdw.com).

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