Attractive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Replacement Windows

With the leaves changing color and the air becoming cooler, this striking, crisp season is a wonderful time to consider many compelling Autumn-inspired displays to highlight your custom replacement windows.

The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to offer you the following creations that will help take your home’s drive up appeal to the next level, and represent a creative way to decorate for this time of the year.


Window boxes add plant life

Window boxes provide a wonderful way to add plant life around the exterior of your window(s), particularly when you lack the space for a garden. Window boxes can be designed in a number of different ways. For example, some sit directly on the window’s edge, while others are designed to hang under the window.

Several variations of this decorating style include a lovely hanging window box featuring an artistic design. You may also consider a soft peat moss pot inside a metal frame that is curved with a unique and chic design. You may also choose to incorporate gourds and other traditional festive Fall items into the planter.


Colorful “mums” add color

When it comes to decorating your replacement windows, chrysanthemums are the perfect flower with which to decorate for the season.

You may choose from shades of orange, yellow and red that will provide warm colors and low maintenance. For more depth, add other plants suited for the cooler temperatures like kale and pansies.


Pumpkins are perfect for the season

The Fall season is all about pumpkins. In fact, a unique way to decorate pumpkins is to paint them. In fact, using metallic paint will transform your orange spheres into eye-catching pieces that will draw attention from anyone who looks at your home.

You may want to select metallic pumpkins to make a stylish addition to your windows. Choose a hue that helps them look updated and contemporary. And, their high-gloss shimmer will add a brilliant texture.


Planters perk up a window

An opportunistic way to showcase the season is to fill a sleek fiberglass planter with dried leaves, gourds, artificial grasses, and cattails.

You may also choose a natural looking hay-rack style planter that you can fill with dried eucalyptus, faux apples and berries, and dried milkweed pods, before adding evergreens as a timely transition to winter.


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