Adding Beauty to your Home with Wrought Iron Doors

So you have finally upgraded your home’s exterior to include beautiful, decorative wrought iron doors.  Although they are relatively maintenance free, it is a good idea to plan for some basic routine maintenance every year, to preserve the integrity of your purchase.

Plan on washing your wrought iron door and any surrounding windows at least once a year; twice is optimal.  This simple task will effectively reduce potentially corrosive substances such as bird droppings, dust and pollen, as well as other environmental contaminants.    Even if your wrought iron door is relatively sheltered from direct exposure to the elements, over time driving rains, wind, and harsh summer sun, even humidity, will do some long term damage to your door’s structure.

Be sure to use a mild detergent solution heavily diluted with water.  Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good option.  If the soap solution isn’t diluted with enough water you may end up with soap streaks and the darker your door then more obvious steaks will be.

designer doors and windows example of wrought iron front door

The proper application involves a “wipe on, wipe off” technique.  This involves using one soapy rag and immediately following with a damp, clean rag to remove all soap residues.  It is important to dry as you go across small patches of your wrought iron door from the top down to avoid streaks.

Any glass or windows are best cleaned using newsprint instead of rags for clearer results.  Rags can leave behind particles of material and are apt to streak the glass.

Hinges may require some lubricant from time to time.  A grease gun may be enough to do the trick, but be very careful to as not to over-do it or lose too much of the internal grease on the existing mechanism.

Lastly, the door sweep plate (the door bottom) will need to be replaced after years of use.  Be sure to inspect for wear.  Always remember to call your local wrought iron door experts at Designer Doors and Windows for additional maintenance tips and advice.  We are here to help!

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