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Designer Door & Window’s Sliding Barn Doors Add Space-Saving Rustic Charm To Your Home

10:24 am

Add Space-Saving Rustic Charm to Your Home

Homeowners can appreciate having the opportunity to save space and even open their home’s interior while adding a striking new look. If these are your goals as a homeowner, then Designer Door & Window has the perfect solution for you– interior barn doors.

Part of a Recent Design Trend

This unique, attractive product is a part of a recent design trend and stands in as an attractive alternative to pocket doors. Unlike a standard hinged door that requires between 10 and 14 square feet of floor space to swing open, a barn door consumes a little more space than its actual thickness. Since a barn door slides open instead of pivoting in either direction, you can place a table, chair, desk or other furniture pieces right beside the doorway without interfering with the its operation.

Space-Saving Solution

Interior sliding barn doors are wonderful space-saving partitions that allow you to separate rooms or add a little extra privacy without same capacity it takes to install a pocket door. All you need is enough wall space for the door to occupy while not in use. If you’re interested in adding functional flair to your home, consider placing interior barn doors.

Versatile Design Possibilities

Additionally, interior sliding barn doors will provide versatile design possibilities. Whether your children are growing out of their current rooms, or you’d like to fulfill your need for more space to move around in the living or dining room, or perhaps you plan to add furniture, these doors work perfectly in virtually every room. They will work in the bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, and your home office. They are useful for closets, hallways, kitchen pantries, and master bedrooms.

Along with functionality, barn doors can provide an aspect of rustic charm that adds a touch of comfort and warmth to a contemporary home.

Come Visit Designer Door & Window’s Showroom

If you have an idea or would like to create your own attractive sliding barn door design, then please see our complete line of replacement doors and windows when you visit the Designer Door & Window showroom. We are located at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads (2109 W. Parker Road, Suite 202-A) in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. The company’s trade professionals will provide useful information in order to help you realize your artistic vision and provide a large selection of styles to help achieve the unique look that you desire. We welcome your ideas and concepts.

You May Also Visit Our Website or Call

You may also visit Designer Door & Window at to request a consultation or a quote, or call us at (972) 424-0031.

Designer Door & Window Earns Clients’ Praise for Service & Workmanship

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The clients of Plano, Texas-based Designer Door & Window really do appreciate the great customer service and timely delivery and installation of beautiful custom replacement doors and/or windows for their homes.

As a result, we are proud to share some of the comments indicating that our customers are very pleased with the products that we sell, and the workmanship and customer service that we provide.

 “…will deliver with a smile….”

Scott F. in Frisco used YELP ( to write that the folks (at Designer Door & Window) “will treat you right. (Showroom Manager) Kevin […]

Designer Door & Window Offers Warm, Attractive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home’s Windows

10:34 am

Decorating your home’s replacement windows with pumpkins and related seasonal items is a great way to highlight fall festivities on the exterior of your home. Adding fall window decorations will take your home’s drive up curb appeal to the next level, and is a creative way to decorate for the season.

The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to offer you the following creations that will add color and enhanced appeal to your residence’s windows during this exciting time of the year.

Mum’s the word for window decorations

When it […]

What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Rental’s Windows

10:38 am

In order for the property to attract good, long-term tenants, rental property owners should always maintain their rental property and keep it in good shape. Rental property maintenance is not limited to one thing. It involves the proper and smooth operation of several elements, including heating and cooling systems, elevators (if applicable), appliances, recycling and garbage disposal, plumbing, timely repairs, and other essentials. All those elements are relevant for tenants.

Doors, windows, carpets, foyers, gardens/patios, etc. also fall into the category of things that must be maintained by landlords. This is especially true if you want a good […]

Effective Showroom Layout, Samples Inspire Homeowners at Designer Door & Window

12:24 pm

Homeowners who visit the Plano, Texas showroom of DesignerDoor and Window ( are significantly impressedby a variety of well-positioned and displayed door and window designsand samples. Clients connect with the comfortable feel and roominessthat enables them to gain a clear perspective of what will fit their home’sneeds and family budget.

A showroom boasting comfortable spacing The Designer Door & Window team have put a lot of thought intowhat makes a showroom, feel comfortable and look attractive for it?visitors. For example, there is ample spacing between the variousexhibits, and homeowners learn a great deal […]

Designer Door & Window Owner’s 2015 TV Appearance A Reminder to Protect Against Holiday Season Break-Ins

10:18 am

Steve Barron, the owner of Designer Door & Window, appeared on Dallas, Texas network affiliate WFAA Channel 8 a few years ago to discuss door security solutions for protecting against residential break-ins. Several suburban Plano residents had been victimized by thieves who gained entry by breaking builder’s grade glass doors to burglarize their homes.

WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker interviewed Mr. Barron on camera as a subject matter expert during one of the station’s evening news telecasts. The story was aired to educate the public about how simple it is for thieves to break a homeowner’s glass […]

First-Time and Repeat Customers Share Appreciation For Designer Door & Window Service

2:15 pm

First-Time and Repeat Customers
Share Appreciation

For Designer Door & Window

The growing list of
clients of Plano, Texas-based Designer Door &   Window includes several who are first-time
as well as repeat customers, and those who marvel at the outstanding customer
service at every stage of the purchasing, ordering and installation processes.

Fortunately, they don’t mind sharing their
appreciation and gratitude whenever they provide a customer testimonial for the
outstanding professionalism and support that is always part of every door and
window installation.

“… service both times were great […]

Designer Door & Window Offers Summertime Window Design Ideas to Achieve a Fresh Look

1:13 pm

The summer season provides some exciting opportunities to decorate around your new replacement, custom windows and give your home a fresh, bright, new look. The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to offer you the following summer window design creations.

floating box

You can show off some
fresh purple pansies and soft ivy by building a handcrafted
window box.  Be sure to plant these
flowers in the shady spot of an attractive wood window box will to enable them
to survive the challenging hot summer temperatures.

Match up window box (Es […]

Let Spring “Sing” With Replacement Window Decor Ideas from Designer Door & Window

8:43 pm

Spring can “sing” at your home when you use your touch of creativity and imagination to highlight your new replacement windows from Designer Door & Window. As the weather turns warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, here are some springtime window decorating ideas that will enhance your home’s beauty.


Use seasonal flora and bright, fresh colors

Visions of fresh light and compellingly bright colors highlight the excitement and newness of Spring. You can create designs resplendent with eye-catching flowers and plants, green grass, blue skies and the warm sun that will appeal […]

Video DVD’s from Designer Door & Window Build Customers’ Confidence in Company’s Installers

11:25 am

Whenever a customer visiting the Designer Door & the Window showroom in Plano, Texas asks about the installation process of designer doors and/or windows, they are invited to watch a “film.”

No, they aren’t treated to one of the filmdom’s finest. Instead, they may select their choice of two video presentations on DVD – one for doors and the other for windows. In some cases, they take in a double feature.

Installers are the stars

         Each production stars the company’s team of installers, reflecting how punctual and precise his team of Designer Door and Window […]